Alternatives to a Physical Press Kit

Mobile EPK

Alternatives to a Physical Press Kit

To get the right kind of press opportunities and exposure it is very important to have a digital press kit. Virtual press kits have taken over the physical press kits of old. A digital press kit helps you to target your specific industry and get the right press.

Here are some alternatives to a physical press kit to help you make the right choice.

  1. Press kit application on mobile

A press kit application is now available for mobile users where they can give access to their data and information to their colleagues. A press kit can be used to store and share all your important information without the extraneous details like on social media. It is a secure and reliable application which hardly takes a few minutes to create a digital press kit.

  1. Electronic press kit (EPK)

Certain companies are offering solutions who want to store and share their materials, data and media on a searchable platform. This can be used to create your own identity and find opportunities in your preferred industry.

You can also create an electronic press kit for yourself for a DIY press release strategy. An ideal EPK would have the following components: Press release, Biographies, FAQs, Company overview, Multimedia elements, Client testimonials and Contact information.

  1. Create a press page

This is another simple alternative where you can create a page on your website. The page can consist of all the details anyone from the industry will be looking for in order to connect with you.

You could put up insights on your company’s people, products and background for people so that they to get to know you better. Some interviews which you might have given, professional work photographs and contact information.

An interactive page can be set up for increasing your engagement with your peers, journalists and clients.

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