Press Kit Components for a Fashion Brand


Press Kit Components for a Fashion Brand

A press kit or media kit, is a bundle of media and materials that work to communicate the brand image of the company to industry peers, journalists and your end users. If you are looking to compile a fashion press kit, here are some key press kit components that should feature in there. Your press kit could be an old school physical press kit or an electronic press kit (EPK).

Here are the press kit components you need to make your press conference a success.

The pitch letter summary sheet

This is the introduction where you need to grab the attention of your readers by the short hairs. Explain why your business is of interest to them. Here is also where you include a roundup of the press kit contains, much like a table of contents. The name, address and date need to feature I the header section. On the footer, mention details about your company name and other contact details.

Company fact sheet

This is a timeline or the history of the company arranged in a single-page format. As part of the company background, you should add details about your product lines, when and where the company was founded, head office, founder and key players of the brand. This is also where you list any prestigious awards won or other such achievements.

Biography of designer

This can be a short write-up to show the designer’s journey, inspiration and experience. You could also include biographical details about the company like where they were born, where they live, their involvement in the community, awards received and some leisure pursuits.


A fashion press kit is all about the photos. The most essential one that you need to start with is the one of the designer. Make sure that it is a professional snapshot. Photos will comprise a lookbook that should showcase your best creations and current collections. Label the photos with stickers on the back to help identify them in case they get separated for the press kit.

Press clippings

If you have received positive press, include it in here. These include magazine spreads and newspaper articles. Press clippings should be current – that is, less than 6 months old.


If you can get celebrities and tastemakers to write you a testimonial include it in your media kit.

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