How to Create an Electronic Press Kit for a Small Business


How to Create an Electronic Press Kit for a Small Business

A digital press kit can help a small business owner present their business to industry peers, media and buyers in a consolidated fashion. While an electronic press kit has much the same elements as a hard copy press kit, it is much more cost effective and provides multiple options for presentation.

Here is an overview of the key components of an EPK for a small business.

Overview and biography

This is the first component of a media kit for small business – the brand story. What are the origins of your brand? What are the visions, mission and values that drive the products and services? This can be a compilation of short bulleted lists.

An interesting bio is a must to tell people who is behind the brand. Your title, academic qualification, professional alliances and any unique facts about yourself that make you uniquely you can be included here.

News and events

A small business press kit must include latest product information, event updates and any recent developments. If your business has received some recent press, add them here. This is also the section tot list any upcoming events.

Detailed facts

Reporters would love to know the minutest details that go into doing what you do. Give your journos some hard facts like product fact sheets or financial reports to show them the actual stats. You can also choose to design a document with FAQs to educate your end users as well as reporters about your product line. Provide detailed, well thought-out answers in this section.


Imagery can truly speak a thousand words. Get some good shots of people at work, the key people in the company, products, packaging, etc. Let the reporters know that the image can be reused with a proper credit line. Be sure to add your logo to every image as a watermark or get strategically positioned photos where your company logo is clearly visible.

Contact information

An electronic press kit should contain the email address and phone details of the spokesperson of the company at the footer of every age so that journos find it easy to contact them in case they need further information.
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