Top 10 Things to Include in Your Press Kit for a Movie Release


Top 10 Things to Include in Your Press Kit for a Movie Release

A media kit is a promotional packet for a movie that is to be submitted to a film festival or given to media personnel. A movie press kit works like a sales brochure that promotes your film and may even take the shape of a movie trailer preview. In this sense, a press kit for film can be a conventional hard copy kit, or an electronic press kit (EPK), or a combination of the two.

A digital press kit and hard copy of a movie release press kit should contain the following items:

1. Cover sheet

The movie logo, name of production house, director, writer, main actors and contact details of whoever is representing the film.

2. One-sheet artwork

You need to display the artwork done for your film, even if it just a working sketch. This is very important, and especially important in the horror genre.

3. Synopsis

This is a short description of the film’s plot and should not exceed one page in length.

4. Cast and crew information

List your leading actors and include a short bios and a brief filmography. The producer, director, writer, cinematographer, makeup FX artist, composer, and any other prominent person worth mentioning should feature on your crew list. This could be only one page.

5. Statement of the director

This is a short statement issued by the director where he expounds on the film’s vision and artistic angle. This is optional.

6. News and media coverage

If your film has received any press coverage, received rave reviews by a critic or appeared in the news this is where you should list it. Always start with the best on the list.

7. Technical information

This includes the technical information of your film like the shooting format (35mm, 16mm, digital), aspect ratio (16×9, 4×3), sound format (5.1, stereo), running time, language, and MPAA rating, etc.

8. Production still photos

These are professionally shot color and/or black and white images.

9. Production notes

Here is where you add interesting tidbits about your production. If your movie was filmed during an important event like a natural disaster or around a historic landmark and it features in the film it is worth a mention.

10. Trailer DVD and online version

Have a movie trailer preview ready when submitting your film to a film festival. A separate DVD and online version is ideal.

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