Top 8 Worst Press Conferences in the History of Mankind


Top 8 Worst Press Conferences in the History of Mankind

A PR meet or a press conference is obviously the glamorous moment for sportspersons to document their achievements. While press conferences are pretty mundane with the same questions being asked and the same answers being given, sometimes some press conference bloopers make for way more interesting news than a regular run-of-the-mill media event.

Tiger Woods – sorry or not?

After Tiger Woods’ adulterous nature became known to the public in 2009, the famed golfer thought holding press conference would be the ideal way to apologize to everyone – his wife, family and fans. What should have been a touching expression of regret turned out to be a 14-minute prepared speech in a room possibly sprinkled with paid actors. Apparently, the journos had to watch the recorded version.

Nicolas Mahut calls out clueless correspondent

French tennis player Nicolas Mahut was bravely fielding questions after losing the first round at the 2014 French Open. A reporter who hadn’t done his homework congratulated Mahut. Mahut turned around and asked him: “Are you serious? Did you watch the match?” then he started to only respond to questions in French. While he may have lost the battle but won the war to silence the reporter with his sardonic reponse.

Jim Calhoun says “shut up”

Reporters asked Connecticut basketball coach Jim Calhoun about his status of being the highest paid employee in the state. To this, his sarcastic response was, “I’d like to be able to retire some day.” But it didn’t end at that as the reporter kept up his questioning and cynicism. Calhoun ultimately owns him, saying, “My best advice to you…Shut Up.” Money brings the reporters to you like flies to honey.

Mike Brown laughter reaction

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown just had to share the joy after a Game 1 win in the 2010 conference semifinals against the Celtics. Either Mo Williams’ dunks were just too funny or Mr. Brown had had too much celebration before holding press conference.

Proof Panthers QB Cam Newton does a robo

Cam Newton recovered from his rib injury and came back against the Lions after being out of the game for most of 2014 and Week 1. At a press conference presentation in September he seemed to have rehearsed one response, “My main focus right now is focusing on the Detroit Lions. I think I’ve got my hands full trying to find ways to stay protected [from] Donkey Kong (Ndamukong) Suh and my fellow Auburn teammate, Nick Fairley.” At least we have to hand it to him – he repeated it five times so he had it down pat.

Rodger Goodell says absolutely nothing in a 45-minute speech

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice was recorded abusing his fiancée in September 2014. When the press demanded answers from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the league’s policy on domestic abuse, he could not be located. As unfortunate as that might be, Goodell resurfaced after two weeks at a press conference. After being 15 minutes late, he went on to speak for 45 minutes basically saying nothing. He just kept spewing hot air with well-worn clichés and the body language of a beat down dog.

The only highlight at this event seemed to be prankster Benjy Bronk who screamed, “Don’t take me to the elevator!” before he was escorted out by security. Well, moral of the story: Always take the stairs.

The infamous Chevy Guy

Here’s someone who needs a Xanax prescription. The Chevrolet regional manager, Rikk Wilde, was asked to present the MVP award after the final game of the 2014 World Series. The guy seemed to have serious anxiety issues as he stumbled on a very short speech, which he had to read from a notecard. Breathing heavily, all he managed to mumble was “Um, it combines technology and stuff with WiFi.”

The “Chevy Guy” broke the Internet that time. What’s worse is that the winner Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner doesn’t even know where his pickup is at the moment.

And the award for the Shortest Press Conference Ever goes to…

Erik Spoelstra opened a pregame press conference with a simple “Hi,” before the team proceeded to play the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals against the Brooklyn Nets. The Miami Heat head coach entered the press area and scanned the room – all the while he media remained silent to let him do the talking.

After staying mute for 15 seconds, Spoelstra smiled and walked out of the room. While the Nets didn’t bag the conference title, Spoelstra won the Spoelstra wins the Shortest Press Conference Ever Award.

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