10 Things You Must Include in a Virtual Press Kit


10 Things You Must Include in a Virtual Press Kit

If you are a small business or a startup, you probably don’t want to invest in printing or creating a hard copy press kit or media kit. So what is the best way of ensuring that your press release reaches the right people and is cost effective at the same time?

The answer is an electronic press kit (EPK), sometimes known as a virtual press kit or digital press kit.

Here’s a look at the different elements of a media kit that you will need for successful press communication.

  1. Company profile/background

This is a one-page documents that talks about the history and achievements of the company, much like a timeline. It should include the year the company was founded, names of key team players, employee details, verticals, etc. so reporters can gauge what is company is about.

  1. Bios

Bios of the key team members are an essential element of your digital press kit. Ensure that all your C-suite employees are included with a short and a long version of their roles and responsibilities, experience and areas of interest.

  1. Multimedia content

These days, a press release is all about the multimedia which can engage users and journos will lap up photos, screenshots of software products, logos, video content and infographics. Anything that will make your electronic press kit more visually appealing and tactile is welcome.

  1. Press release

If you have a recent press release, do make it the highlight. But also archive copies in descending chronological order (latest first, oldest last) of all your previous press releases to help journos understand your journey.

  1. News stories

If your company has previously received press, do make it a point to flaunt it in your virtual press kit – also in reverse chronological order.

  1. Press contact

Include contact details of your company spokesperson. This should be their email address and phone along with their name and designation.

  1. Customer testimonials and case studies

Third party quotes can add credence to your claim. If you have a social media influencer or other important person who can testify on the importance and utility of your product, you have a media winner.

  1. Social media links

Your site should ideally be linked to your social media channels. They also need to be included here.

  1. Awards won

If your company or products have won any awards, your digital press kit can be your showcase. Here you can also list any special appearances, conferences and tradeshow participation.

  1. Sign up box

Provide a place for people to sing up for your newsletters and latest press releases so they can always stay updated.

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