How to Write a Press Release


How to Write a Press Release

A “press release,” a “press statement,” a “news release,” or a “media release,” are basically synonyms for an announcement that a business airs to the public through various media channels.

Here are some simple rules to follow with which you can write an effective press release and have a winning PR strategy.

Rule 1: Write a striking headline

Just like any other content piece, you will need a compelling headline that will make people want to read your press release. Remember that this is just one line that is going to capture the essence of what you are about to say.

Make use of action verbs, direct language and most importantly – keep it short. Journos and search engines want to be able to give it a quick scan to understand the gist of your press release.

Your headline needs to be attention-grabbing: this is because reporters get hundreds of release mailers a day, and if you don’t stand out you’ll be lost in the crowd.

Rule 2: Be approachable

Reporters, analysts, influencers and followers need to see the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) factor in your announcement.

Ensure that the first paragraph has all the necessary details like the who, what, why, where, and how of your latest update. Reporters need the hard facts instead of any creative fluff – this will help them talk about the development with authority.

The second and third paragraphs are for supporting details for what is contained in the first paragraphs. Refrain from adding any essential information to the subsequent paragraphs as they can be missed out.

Rule 3: Offer an insider’s view via a quote

Once you’ve set a base for the press release, give them a glimpse of what’s happening on the inside with a quote by the actual people involved with the project. It will add a human element to your press release and give your readers some context on why and how the development came about.

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