10 Steps to Creating a Media Kit for a Nonprofit Organization


10 Steps to Creating a Media Kit for a Nonprofit Organization

When you create a media kit, the important aim is to promote the brand that is your organization and to provide journalists who work in your industry with the latest updates. This is why a press kit needs to be informative and interesting. It should provide responses to basic queries about your nonprofit and also contain resources like visuals and bios of the people involved.

Here are 10 steps to the perfect press kit for your nonprofit.

Step 1

Give an overview of your nonprofit – who was it set up by, why and other important events in the history of the organization. Ideally, this bio should be 400-500 words in length, ad include all the essentials facts and figures.

Step 2

List everyone involved in the organization and make thumbnail bios for each person. Your media kit for non profit must have hi-resolution photos of each one of the members.


Step 3

Include a high-resolution of your logo and other branding imagery that you would prefer media channels to use to represent you.


Step 4

Write a compelling story about your nonprofit and the field that it operates in. For example, if you work with the disabled, you could include facts about how people deal with disability. You will give the journos some fodder to work with.


Step 5

Get in touch with people who have benefitted trough your nonprofit and put together testimonials for your nonprofit press kit.


Step 6

Add in candid shots of any recent events that your nonprofit has organized.


Step 7

Your media kit should contain a compilation of audio and video resources from fresh media coverage like TV interviews, social media appearances, etc. that involve executives from your organization.


Step 8

Gather clippings of all positive media coverage about your organization.


Step 9

It’s very important to include contact information of your nonprofit’s spokesperson. If journos would like to interviews or do a photo shoot, they need to have the relevant phone number or email ID to get in touch with your organization.


Step 10

Decide on the platform you would like to publish your nonprofit press kit on. Printed copies can be expensive so you can opt for your press kit to be available in a downloadable digital format. Create a page called ‘Media Kit’ on your website for easy access.

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